Worship Arts Open House

Worship Arts Open House

Fall is around the corner and that means it time for fall programming at Central Church to ramp up! We have so many great things going on that it’s sometimes hard to know where to get involved. If you’re looking for fun, fellowship and performance opportunities, consider helping us enhancing weekly worship in our performing arts department.

Thursday, September 13th from 5-9pm will be a Worship Arts Open House. Everyone is invited to wander in and out of rehearsals throughout the afternoon and evening to see what we do, how we do it, and whether it might be something that they or someone they know might enjoy. If you can’t make it on September 13th, don’t worry. Come to a rehearsal any time! For more information, contact Worship Arts Director Kevin Naeve at (248) 681-0040.

Central’s Worship Arts Groups

Children can get involved in the Carol and New Joy Choirs, Good News Ringers, or Alleluia Dancers…all offering an opportunity to learn together, build close bonds, and of course have lots of fun as they express themselves and their love for God, our community and the world.

Youth (middle and high school) have the option of Jubilate Dancers, YTBN Ringers, or Built on the Rock. All are accepting new or continuing youth and are more depth and challenge in their programming. As Built on the Rock is still new, we want to emphasize that this is an ensemble built by the youth (6th-12th grade) which means they choose the direction of music both in style and substance. As part of this year’s programming the ensemble will collectively write a song, in addition to exploring different styles of music…it is a great place for instrumentalists and singers alike!

For college age through adults, we have the Agape Ringers and the Chancel Choir. Don’t worry; if you think “I could never do that,” you CAN! We come together to work, but also to share laughs and fellowship. If you are willing to take instruction in a low pressure environment, either (or both) of these groups would welcome you with open arms.

Central’s worship arts teams are close knit groups because we know that ‘the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.’ You will find yourself around warm, amazing people, doing greater things together than any of us could ever do alone.

Come weekly and experience the joy and wonder of Central’s worship arts groups!

Rehearsal Schedule:

  • Alleluia Dancers (elementary) – 4pm
  • Good New Ringers (elementary and middle school) – 5pm
  • YTBN Ringers (high school) – 5:45pm
  • Agape Ringers Rehearsals (college and adult) – 6:25pm
  • Jubilate Dancers (middle and high school) – 6:30pm
  • New Joy and Carol Choir (elementary) – 6:30pm
  • Chancel Choir (college and adult) – 7:30pm
  • Built on the Rock ensemble* (middle and high school) – open rehearsal Sunday September 16th at 11:45am