The United Methodist denomination welcomes all in need of pastoral care and services. Both Pastor Jack Mannschreck and Reverend Cora Glass offer counsel and spiritual guidance. They are both ordained clergy of the United Methodist Church and conduct weddings and funerals. Clergy in the United Methodist Church are free to conduct these services for members of our community of faith and those outside our faith community. If you have questions about weddings, funerals or private sessions with our clergy, you may call the church office at 248-681-0040. Basic information about funeral services is below.

Funerals can be held at either a funeral home or in one of our worship spaces. In addition to a honorarium for the clergy person ($150-250) and the organist/keyboardist ($150-200) there may be some custodial costs. Usually a family works with a funeral home to secure the clergy person and sets the honorariums.