Our Belief

Our Belief

Waterford Central United Methodist Church is dedicated to helping people connect with God and others. We seek to change the world with the love of Christ; that’s our Mission Statement! We believe that God is love and that love is extended to us before we even know that God exists. We call that undeserved love “grace.” We believe that God extends grace to us before we are even born, and our response to that grace determines how we live our lives every day. We believe that God’s grace is known clearly in the life, teachings, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Jesus was God’s fleshly presence in our world, teaching us of God’s love, grace, and forgiveness.

The United Methodist denomination is marked by this wonderful understanding of God’s love and grace and is a “Connectional Church,” which means that all United Methodists are connected in mission and ministry around the world with missionaries, colleges, children’s homes, and hospitals. We can do so much together! The Mission Statement of our United Methodist denomination is “Making disciples for the transformation of the world.”

While we are a part of that mission of transforming the world, our work is also local, seeking to meet the needs of our community and the surrounding area. From worshipping together to small groups where people can discover and grow their faith, we seek to Connect with God. Connect with Others. We are all about Changing Our World with Christ’s Love.

Holy Communion

In the United Methodist Church, Holy Communion can be taken by baptized Christians of any age (including infants) and any Christian denomination. It is Christ’s table. He welcomes all who are baptized in his name, and so do we.

While we affirm the historic Christian precedent that people are normally baptized before receiving communion, as our invitation notes, baptism is not required. If you come and are not yet baptized, we may encourage you toward baptism at your earliest convenience.

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