Bell Choir

Bell Choir

Agape Ringers

Adult and Older Youth Handbell Choir

Rehearses Thursday nights from 6:25 – 7:15, fall through spring.
The Agape Ringers is a welcoming group where adults and high school youth can develop skills in handbell ringing. You will find joy and fellowship the moment you walk in the door. The nature of bells serves a wide variety of abilities, so whether you’re a seasoned ringer or picking up a bell for the first time, there is a place for you here. The joy of handbells is how several members of different skill levels combine to create something that no one could accomplish alone. For this reason, everyone is vital to the final performance, without creating extra demand on newer members. This is the perfect ‘more the merrier’ group if you’d like to try something new this season!

Agape Ringers provides a fun and accepting group to develop musical skills. Additionally, the group performs during worship approximately every six weeks, providing opportunities to develop and hone live performance skills. The diversity of the musical talent within the group also enables you to take the process of learning bells at your own pace if you’re new, or jump ahead if you’re confident in your abilities. You will learn new skills from peers and work with Central’s Music Director, a professional musician, and performer.

If you’re interested in learning more about Central’s music program, contact Music Director Kevin Naeve.