YTBN Ringers

High School Bell Choir

The YTBN Ringers is Waterford Central UMC’s youth handbell ensemble. This is a welcoming group where all youth from 8th to 12th grade can begin or continue developing their skills in handbell ringing . They will learn skills that take them beyond the basics of handbells, including extended handbell techniques, challenging repertoire, and will focus on refining ensemble skills and musicianship. The group is also good for beginners, though, as youth can easily pick up the basics of handbells in a short time. In addition, youth will share laughter, fellowship, learn the value of working smart and attention to detail, and enjoy the blessing of accomplishment as we polish each new piece.

YTBN Ringers provides a safe and accepting group to develop musical skills. Additionally, the group performs during worship approximately every six weeks, providing opportunities to develop and hone live performance skills. The diversity of the musical talent within the group also enables youth to learn new skills from peers, take on a leadership role in rehearsal, and learn from Central’s Music Director, a professional musician and performer.

Rehearsals are Thursdays at 5:45 – 6:20pm.

To Join

If you’re interested in learning more or joining YTBN Ringers, Contact Music Director, Kevin Naeve, by email or in person.