The Word of Contempt

Sunday February 21st, 2021

First Sunday of Lent 2021

Pastor Jack Mannschreck

Words to the Cross – The Word of Contempt, This will be the beginning of our Lenten Series of messages titled Words to the Cross. I’ve participated in many services of Words from the Cross; words spoken by Jesus as he died on the cross. What we may not readily embrace is that Jesus did on a roadside, where his loved ones, but not many, gathered and passersby would have easily seen Jesus suffering. Those gathered as well as passersby said words to the cross, speaking their thoughts. Some of those words were disrespectful, others indicated the depth of inner wondering. We often call Lent a journey to the cross. During this season of Lent let’s consider the words that were spoken to the cross – to the suffering and sacrifice Jesus made on our behalf. The first work is a word of contempt as people mocked Jesus saying, “He saved others, he cannot save himself.” Those who spoke this work didn’t realize that Jesus’ mission was not to escape the cross but to bear it – for us.


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