A Word of Indifference

Sunday March 7th, 2021

Third Sunday in Lent. Words to the Cross Message Series.

Pastor Jack Mannschreck.

How often do we ignore the feelings of others? It’s not that we are unkind necessarily by nature, but we are pre-occupied. We lack the awareness of others’ needs around us. We become focused on a task and cannot see past it to the needs of others. The four guards who gambled for the tunic Jesus wore were indifferent to mary, Jesus’ mother, and the other women who looked beyond the gambling guards to Jesus suffering on the cross. It is an odd thing to hold a garment and admire it so much that the guards didn’t want to destroy it but rather gamble for it. How often do we hold relationships, love, life, and beauty in our hands and miss them? Not because we’re wicked more mean-spirited, but because we aren’t thinking.


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