The Counter-Culture Christian

Sunday June 20th, 2021

Graduate Sunday & Father’s Day

Pastor Jack Mannschreck

Over the years some Hollywood types have observed that it ain’t easy being a Christian in Tinseltown. But – is it easy being a Christian anywhere? The text would suggest that signing up to follow Jesus could be hazardous to one’s career, not to speak of one’s health. But is the greatest apostle of the church – ever – asking us to log on for beatings, sleepless nights, and imprisonment? Yet, Paul says that with all of this, he and his companions have maintained their composure and have not compromised their principles, but have labored for the cause. “in purity, in understanding, patience, and kindness; in the Holy Spirit and in sincere love; in truthful speech and in the power of God.” Paul’s not asking the Corinthian church to sign up for beatings, imprisonment, and hunger. He’s asking them to sign up for reconciliation and love. Be reconciled to God, he says (chapter 5); open your hearts wide to us, he says (6:13)


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