Give Scrip cards for Christmas

Give Scrip Cards for Christmas!

October 29, 2019 10:22 am

Holiday gift-giving is fast approaching. This year, consider giving pre-paid Scrip cards as gifts and you’ll be earning money for Central while you and your friends and family shop.

With cards available from over 700 retailers you can find something for everyone. Small denomination cards make great gifts for hairdressers, teachers, clients, co-workers…you get the idea. And, if you’re making large purchases at retailers like Meijer or Target, pre-purchase cards in larger denominations for your holiday spending.

Participation is simple!

  • Order Cards by filling out an order form for the gift cards you want or shopping online at Give the form and your check or cash to Deb Hayden-Schmid or Rainy Stephenson before or after church or on Thursdays during Central Café, or stop by the church office and drop off your form and payment M-Th during office hours. If you shopped online, please print your confirmation screen or email and include that with your cash or check.
  • Pick up your cards the following Wednesday from the church office or from a Scrip Coordinator the following Thursday during Central Cafe, or on Sunday morning.
  • Then, simply use the cards to purchase gas, groceries, goods and services—all of those things you purchase already—and you’ll be earning money for Central.

Then, do your shopping at the stores you frequent anyway while they support Central.

Frequently purchased gift cards are kept in stock (marked with “@” on the form). If the card(s) you request is not in stock, an order is placed Sunday night and received in the church office by the following Wednesday.

Click to download the Scrip Form

For more information, download our Scrip brochure.