Rev. Cora pounding

Join Us for an Old-Fashioned “Pounding”

June 27, 2018 6:32 pm

Sunday, July 1st @ 10am Service

We will be welcoming Rev. Cora to her first Sunday at Central with a traditional “pounding.”

For those of you not old enough or Southern enough to know what this means, it’s where you bring staple items a family needs to stock their kitchen. This used to be a very traditional thing to do when welcoming a new pastor or clergy member and it’s awesome!

Just bring a “pound” (or bag) of a non-perisable staple or other item you know a new homeowner will need to church on July 1st and we’ll make sure Rev. Cora gets off to a good start in her new home.

Some ideas would be:

  • Flour, sugar, salt, pasta, beans, legumes
  • Cleaning products, sponges, mop, broom
  • Toilet paper, paper towels, kitchen towels
  • Coffee, tea, condiments
  • Canned goods–soup, sauces, etc.

Contact the Church office with any questions, and if you’d like more background on a “pounding,” here’a good article from the Effingham Herald.