Final worship arts dates

Final Dates for the Season

May 7, 2019 4:12 pm

Thank you to everyone who helps make Central the church that it is. Your dedication and talent are a gift to our ministry. As the season wraps up, please keep these final dates in mind.

Worship Arts Groups

  • Children’s Choirs and Good News Ringers final performance May 12; final rehearsal May 9
  • Chancel Choir final performance May 19; final rehearsal May 16
  • Agape Ringers final performance May 26; final rehearsal May 23
  • Alleluia and Jubilate Dancers final performance June 2; final rehearsal May 30
  • YTBN final performance June 9; final rehearsal June 6

Small Groups and Fellowship

  • Central CafĂ© final date May 16th
  • Central Cinema final date June 1st
  • Thursday Eve. Studies final date May 16th
  • Purple Threads final date May 7th
  • FaithLink final date June 9th
  • Youth Group final date June 9th
  • Hutchinson Circle final date June 4th

Have a wonderful summer!