Tribe of Daniel

The Tribe of Daniel uses playful creativeness to decorate, accentuate, and help internalize worship themes and church ministries. We work with the senior pastor and other worship/ministry leaders to find ways to illustrate sermon series, seasonal themes, vacation Bible school, and special events or projects. We use visual arts to enhance and create memories that help people connect to God, to others, to the community.

The Tribe is headed up by Myke Robson, and he personally invites you to join the Tribe for fun, fabrication, and fellowship. Tribe of Daniel looks for people who would like to be part of creating beautiful, meaningful displays. And even if you don’t think of yourself as an “artist” you can be a valuable member of the group. The Tribe would love to hear from you! For more info, contact:

Myke Robson
(248) 214-9506

Samples of Our Work

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