Worship Arts

Choirs, Bell Choirs and Liturgican Dance Opportunities at Central United Methodist

Worship Arts

Praise Band

Band of Misfits Central’s Praise Band, “Band of Misfits” leads worship weekly during The Conversation, Central’s contemporary worship service. The... View Mission

Agape Ringers

Adult Handbell Choir The Agape Ringers is a welcoming group where all adults can develop skills in handbell ringing. You... View Mission

YTBN Ringers

High School Bell Choir The YTBN Ringers is Waterford Central UMC’s youth handbell ensemble. This is a welcoming group where... View Mission

The Good News Ringers

Elementary and Middle School Bell Choir The Good News Ringers is Waterford Central UMC’s children’s handbell ensemble. This is a... View Mission

Chancel Choir

Adult Choir High schoolers are welcome with permission from the director. The Chancel Choir is our premiere music group at... View Mission

Media Tech Team

The purpose of this ministry is to support and enhance worship experience using audio/visual effects. This team can be available... View Mission