FGP Overview

The Faith Growth Pathway was created as a tool to assist people in discovering next steps for connecting with God, connecting with others, and changing our world with Christ’s love.

3 Keys to Growing Spiritually

  1. Connect with God

    • Have a daily time with God
    • Develop foundational spiritual practices
    • Regularly attend worship
  2. Connect with Others

    • Invest in Christian friendships
    • Find a place in a Central Connect Group
    • Intentional hospitality
  3. Change Our World with Christ’s Love

    • Find a way to serve in the church
    • Explore ways to serve in the community
    • Share your time, talents, and financial gifts
    • Learn about social justice and action opportunities

Want to Learn More? How to Take the Next Step:

  1. Consult with a pastor who can introduce the Faith Growth Pathway and Survey.
  2. Find out where you are on the pathway!
  3. Identify the one or two practices that will support your growth.
  4. Keep growing! Make it a priority to grow closer to God and become more like Jesus.

Daily Prayer of Commitment:

  • Dear God, help me to take the next step. Show me how to become closer to you and more like Jesus. Amen.