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Spiritual Enrichment

Tribe of Daniel

The Tribe of Daniel is a group associated with Worship Design. The passion of this ministry is to enhance the worship experience by decorating or illustrating seasonal themes. Usually, our projects start out small and grow or change to climax at the end of the season.

During Lent '06, we had 12'X 8' background that began to fill with stained glass puzzle pieces to form a window with a cross as its center. On Easter morning, the cross was turned around to reveal "Resurrection Jesus". Lent '07 we painted a series of pictures to portray each week's theme. Some of these were a cascading waterfall, Lazarus rising from the dead, an empty cross silhouetted by a full moon in the darkest hour of night, and culminating on Easter with a sunrise and a rabble of butterflies.

Easter '08, themed "God's Covenant", we created a rainbow that started at the cross and grew each week of Lent to reach across the chancel and into the congregation, representing the beautiful love and grace that flows from God to each of us. Rally Day '08, "Be God's Guest at the Feastival", saw giant, colorful spoons, knives, forks, and plates hung in the sanctuary. Advent ’08 was filled with light as we fashioned 10 foot columns with colored fabric and flames to make giant Advent candles. Each week a new one appeared, corresponding to the one being lit in the worship service. On Christmas, the Christ candle appeared and the congregation was enveloped in a giant Advent wreath.

Rally Day '09 began our Stewardship campaign to introduce our new ministry model. The theme was "reCONNECT". To illustrate this, we made a huge power strip and hung it behind the altar, along with pastel bubbles. Each week the plug (re) was plugged into the strip (CONNECT) and a new bubble would light reminding us that we need to reCONNECT to God with our Prayers, Presence, Service, Gifts, and Witness.

These are only a few examples. Other times are Epiphany, Native American Sunday, Vacation Bible School, and Pentecost. The Tribe is a great group of fun-loving people. Sometimes our ideas are a bit wacky, or even seem impossible - but we always find a way and have a blast doing it.

So if you have any questions or are interested in joining us contact Myke Robson
(248) 698-0430.

Tribe of Daniel Logo

We are just one of the Spirit and Worship Opportunities here at Central United Methodist Church, focusing on developing styles of worship, opportunities for spiritual experiences and enhancing the worship setting.