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January 23, 1907: The following twenty-six persons signed incorporation papers to found Oakland Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church:

Nathan B. Colvin, Albert F. Marsh, John F. Spring, Harvey J. Davis, George C. Brown, George Cleary, John Hall, William H. Carpenter, F.L. Whiting, Phillip H. Sheridan, W. W. Curtis, Robert E Brown, Mrs. Sybil V. Cleary, Mrs S. H. Burlingham, Kitty Armitage, Mrs. Esther F. Spring, Harry G. Barry, Ida T. Barry, Homer TerBush, Mrs. Homer Terbush, Eva E. Wixom, Ruby A. Wixom, George E. Clark, Emma E. Colvin, and Levi B. Colvin.

May 1907: First service held at newly purchased Osmun Home on Oakland Ave. (purchase price $3,000).

May through October 1910: Services held in a tent at Huron & Mt. Clemens.

Fall 1910: New building construction was started and the Oakland Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church was dissolved and Central Methodist Episcopal Church was incorporated.

January, 1957: The decision was made to build a new church and the search for property begins.

1959: Tract of land on Highland Road purchased.

1961: Downtown church sold to Osteopathic Hospital. Services held at Isaac Crary Junior High.

September 10, 1961: Ground breaking ceremony.

November 10, 1961: Laying of the cornerstone.

December 9, 1962: Dedication service of new building.

December 10, 1972: Mortgage burning.

1979: Senior parsonage built.

1995: New associate parsonage built.

November 13, 2005: Dedication of the new steeple.