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Funding Oportunities

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Kroger's Fundraising Opportunity for Central Church Members

Attention Central Church Members! It's re-enrollment time! You no longer need to reload your Kroger gift card when you shop. You simply need a Kroger Plus card, and to designate Central United Methodist Church as the group you wish to support. Earnings will be automatically accrued for the church. You can link your card online at: Members of Central United Methodist Church, you must first sign up for your Krogers rewards online account. Go to , click on “Michigan” and click on “Enroll” or “Reenroll” All participants must have a valid online account at and must sign up online to participate. Organization members can no longer scan their group’s barcode at the registers or service desk. Even if you have registered already, you must re-enroll every year.

Go to

  1. Click Michigan
  3. Click "Re-enroll" if you were registered in the program last year.
  5. Put in your e-mail
  7. Put in your password - (If you forgot the password you set up go thru the "Forgot you password")
  9. Find us by typing in Central's account number - 83035
  11. Click the "Select Your Organization"
  13. Click the "Save Changes"

  14. Royal Oak Recycling New! Royal Oak Recycling!

    Now you have expanded opportunities to recycle and earn ‘green’ for Central. Take your phonebooks, plastics #1-7, tin cans, scrap metal, cardboard, paperboard, old electronics and hard cover books to Royal Oak Recycling, and they pay us monthly. Please sort by group, and tell them your donation is for our church. Two drop-off locations: 10332 Highland Rd in White Lake or 414 E. Hudson in Royal Oak. See flyer for more information. We will continue to have a paper recycling bin available in our parking lot for paper drop-offs.

    Credit Cards now accepted at the Scrip/Fair Trade table

    We now have a credit card swipe machine that can process credit transactions at the Scrip table through Vanco Services, which processes your weekly EFT and credit card giving. It is a secure way to purchase when you don’t have your checkbook handy. Please note that cash and check are still the preferred way to purchase, as we are charged a fee of 3% of your purchase. An upload charge of 3%, added to your purchase, is appreciated to offset these fees.

    Grocery Store Earnings:

    •Kroger gives up to 5% of your grocery bill to our church. Help by linking your Kroger Plus card to Central. Go to and link our group 83035, or take our group barcode to the service desk. Barcodes available at the Scrip table or in the office.
     •Central receives 1% of your grocery bill from V.G.'s! Turn your receipts in at the Scrip table, or in the office. We'll collect and distribute your Turkey Bucks, too!
     •Meijer credit card purchases earn 1%, and purchases with cash or debit card earn .5%. Courtesy card applications are available at the Scrip table.

    Go Green and Feed a Child (not necessarily an endorsement for MSU)

    Kroger and V.G.'s will refund you $0.05 a bag for each grocery bag you bring and reuse at the store! Deposit your $0.05 bag refund at the Scrip table and 100% of it will go toward buying a hot lunch for a child in Haiti. The Haiti Hot Lunch program is an ongoing mission of UMCOR. It only costs $0.70 to buy a meal for a child, often their only meal of the day.

    Fair Trade Pecans and Cranberries now available!

    Our Fair Trade sales have helped small-scale farmers, UMCOR, and earned profits for Central. Visit our newly expanded Fair Trade shop for same day purchases of coffee, tea, chocolate, cranberries, and pecans!

    Did you know? The Social Principles of The United Methodist Church encourage the purchase of Fair Trade Certified products. From the 2008 Book of Discipline, ¶163.d: "Consumers should avoid purchasing products made in conditions where workers are being exploited because of their age, gender, or economic status".
    "Buying Fair Trade Certified products is one sure way consumers can use their purchasing power to make a contribution to the common good. The International Standards of Fair Trade are based on ensuring livable wages for small farmers and their families, working with democratically run farming cooperative, buying direct so that the benefits and profits from trade actually reach the farmers and their communities, providing vitally important advance credit, and encouraging ecologically sustainable farming practices. Consumers should not only seek out companies whose product lines reflect a strong commitment to these standards, but should also encourage expanded corporate participation in the Fair Trade Market."

    Fair Trade Fun: Answer this question at the Scrip/Fair Trade table, and you could be rewarded with one of three free trials of a Fair Trade product or your choice: What book of the Bible "suggests" that early Christians were coffee and tea drinkers? and

    Make your holiday online purchases beginning at, and Central receives a percentage of your purchase. Attention Amazon shoppers - link to Amazon through and earn 4% from purchasing Scrip and a 1.5% rebate from!

    GoodSearch: You Search...We Give!